Making Room for Baby...

If you have followed along on my instagram (@marianpouchart) or facebook page (Marian Pouch Art), you probably know from my over-posting that we are expecting a baby boy in April! My incredible husband is already a fantastic stepfather to our 3.5 year old little boy, and we are eagerly anticipating adding one more little boy to our crew so very soon! What this means for my art is that I’ll have to slow it down a little for a couple of months, but I have the amazing opportunity to work out of my home. We have a small landing in our house that I was able to section off and use as my studio space. Just like now, there will be lots of nap-time painting going on! The room that I used as my “studio” is technically our 3rd bedroom, which will now be the baby room. It’s a precious room for a nursery, small and quaint, with slanted ceilings on either side. the whole room is 8x15, which made it an exciting challenge to fit all of the baby needs. My number 1 request was to include a twin bed or day bed. Our house is little and I wanted to make sure we have an extra place for a guest, or for one of us to snag a quick nap.


at night His song is with me…

the napping nook

This left me with little choice about where to place the rest of the furniture, but we made it work. I’m loving the color “Iceberg Blue” from Sherwin Williams. We painted the entire room, including the ceiling, to make the room appear larger. My drapes were custom made (and recycled from my older son’s nursery) with blue ticking fabric from a local company Mansure and Co. - also the blackout lining is a must.


He counts the stars

and calls them all by name

The artwork I have was actually from my aunt, who has always taught school and saved some old pages from a classic Sally Dick and Jane reader. I had these framed locally at Bennetts Frame and Art Gallery. The Pillows and crib skirt were from a local resale sight but were definitely custom made and very gently loved by another child- I’m all about finding great stuff from resale sights! We are so excited for baby to come in 9 weeks… getting the nursery all ready has been such a fun and creative outlet for me and I’m excited to share with you guys! (finally!)

Inlet Smocked Clothing collaboration!

Inlet Smocked Clothing, based out of the town: Murrell's Inlet, SC, is a fantastic smocked clothing company out of the lower state. Kelsey Robinson Nichols is part of the team of Girl Bosses who started this company. They create really unique smocked clothing designs that you just won't find anywhere else. Kelsey approached me last fall about an idea: a hump day dress or outfit that would have a fancy little "decorated" camel. She was inspired by my camel paintings and actually she and her parter commissioned a set of paintings to use as their inspiration. The sweet clothing line is now available for pre-order (get yours in time for fall), and I decided to make prints of the two paintings, which are available on my website in a 16x20 size (can also be printed in other sizes upon request!). Here are some pics of the clothing line and the camel prints! 

Up-cycle, upgrade, refinish... whatever you want to call it

As soon as I had my own place, I started grabbing old dressers from Salvation army or Habitat for Humanity Restore (or off the side of the road) and building my own eclectic set of furniture. All of these pieces needed a little TLC and fresh coat of paint. Some have been painted more than once to match my always changing home decor (My husband claims that every time he walks in the door, something has changed)

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A Bicycle Built for 4- wall murals

Things to think about if you are considering a wall mural vs. wallpaper

1- Are you a perfectionist: If you want a geometric or perfect pattern- go with wallpaper hands down! The cool thing about hand painting is the imperfections and whimsy. A painting is not a photograph... so think about hand painted walls as a painting and wallpaper is the retouched photograph (everyone has their own style and you might be more of a wallpaper type of person!--- if so.. call my buddy Dixie at SALEEBYJEAN Interiors). 

2- Consider the space: Are you working in a small space that may have mirrors/ door cutouts/ vent cutouts etc. If so, you may be wasting tons of wallpaper by having to buy a certain amount to make a pattern match up, only to have feet and feet cut away and discarded. 

3. Time to "define the relationship":  It may seem like a big commitment, but light sanding a repainting a wall after 10 years is really a lot easier that removing/replacing wallpaper. If you are the type of person who rearranges the furniture once a month... think about this. 

4. Respect the process: You can't really consider Hand painting as a cheaper option-- it takes a loooong time to prep, hand paint, get up and down that ladder, etc. Props to Michelangelo for that Sistine Chapel ceiling... because my arm gets achy after about an hour of painting up on a ladder. I charge 100 an hour for murals and most are going to take 5-6 hours minimum for a small small bath. 

Bug Release

People ask me all the time, Why do you paint llamas, bugs, camels....etc?  The truth is that the subjects I decide to paint make me happy! I have created a line of "minibugs" before that were maybe 6x6 squares, but I really enjoyed creating these 8 paintings that were a little bigger (10x10). I have more surface area to work with, and I'm able to add just a little more detail and color. I also really like using wood panels to paint on instead of canvas. My papers adhere better to the wood panel, but also I love being able to let a painting stand on its own. Paintings DO NOT have to hang on the walls!! You can stand a wood panel on a side table, bar cart, bookshelf, mantel, entry table... you name it. When I do a series like this, I try and make all of the bugs compliment each other, so that someone may choose to display 2 or 3 together! So go check out the paint shop and pick up a bug for yourself or a friend... and stay tuned (join my mailing list!) for new projects, shows, and paintings. 


bugs are cool

Hanging from the ears and adorning the deeply tanned décolletages of South Carolina's most fashionable women, you will find... wait for it... BUGS! 

Croghan's Jewelers in Charleston, SC has made a buggy statement in a big way these last few years with their Goldbug collection. Spotted from Charleston to Greenville, are fashionistas sporting the fantastically detailed Gold goldbugs.  A brilliant homage to one of our state's most polarizing inhabitants.

I mean... 


Since seeing these beauties around town, I have started spotting bugs everywhere. Papersource, where I find so many of my fabulous papers for my art, has a whole line of bug journals, prints, notepads, you name it! 




not just for boys

So I came up with these little miniature beetle paintings I'm calling "minibugs"... and I think they would be just so tricky to dress a bar cart, tucked onto a bookshelf, or mixed in among picture frames on an entry table. These bugs are really textured using mixed media-  papers from paper source,   wood panels from Suburban paint (greenville, SC), my favorite Martha Stewart gold gilding, and acrylic paint. Add a little trend to your home before the holidays!