it's not wallpaper

Some of you who know me well know that my mom has been doing this for years and years... but yes... you can paint on your walls.

When I hear "mural" I think of the time my mom let (encouraged) me and my siblings to paint an underwater scene on our playroom wall. I wish I had a picture of this, and i'm sure there is one floating around my parents house in an old Rubbermaid bin under a bed somewhere. I remember the life-size mermaid and I believe there was also a friendly octopus. I'm sure whoever purchased this house from us back in the 90's got a sweet chuckle and then swiftly painted the wall back to it's original normalcy. 

We recently bought a home that was built in 1930. The plaster walls  and crown picture molding are true homages to the era.  As the light filters through at different times of day, I lovingly notice the beauty of plaster's imperfections and divots, and I think... if walls could talk.  

I love pattern and wallpaper (in fact my bestie and new neighbor, Dixie Dulin co-owns SaleebyJean interiors in Greenville and Chapin, SC and they sell amazing papers). But, there are just some walls that cannot be papered. Old plaster is quirky to begin with. Bathrooms, in particular, are actually not ideal for wallpaper because of moisture. Our upstairs bathroom has been updated in the last 15ish years, but I wanted to make it a special and whimsical place for my little one. I actually searched SAILBOAT pattern on pinterest and found a graphic that was really colorful and looked easy enough to replicate. 

"Easy enough" may have been the kicker because this project took at least 10-12 hours to complete, with all of the various colors. I free handed this pattern so it's not perfect, but I think the overall end product is so happy. My son, who just turned two and has been bathing in this room for at least three months looked at me yesterday with his roly poly naked self in the tub and finally acknowledged "OOOHHHHH BOATS". It was worth it.