tassels tassels tassels- and warnings for gold paint

After tackling the upstairs bathroom, I knew our downstairs hallway needed something. We have a lot of gold throughout the house and this is a small space, so I knew i wanted something metallic. I have found that Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding paint in Gold really gives me the best look... but warning... it will go to your head. I was in a small hallway and had to keep taking ventilation breaks. This stuff is amazing and durable, and really is the best product I have found. It covers with one coat, dries quickly, comes out with mineral spirits, and keeps its shine over time. It comes in a teeny quantity but really goes a long way. I only needed 3 jars ( retails about $8 each) to do the whole hallway. 

I was shown a super cool wallpaper that comes in multiple colors, but again, these plaster walls are bowed out and uneven. Our hallway has an air vent, three door openings and a closet (wallpapering nightmare). So... i decided to paint it. The base color is the same as the color of all of my walls. a grayish white that was actually freshly painted in every room when we bought the house. The ceilings I painted (by I... i mean me, James, mom, and dad all taking turns until our shoulders burned) rainwashed by sherwin williams. It's a great blue that looks different in every room. 

A little measuring, taping, about 6 hours of painting on and off (for air breaks) and VOILA....!