Live Painting and Pop up shops

Painting live is a great way for me to get out of my studio and out into the world. When people definitively say they are either introverted or extroverted... I scratch my head. I really enjoy being alone and painting or working in the house (often listening to The History Chicks podcast or some Carol King radio on pandora... I'm slightly obsessed after seeing the musical "Beautiful"). I also really get energy from being out and about and meeting people. Today I met someone that I had only known through instagram, welcome to 2018. I connected with a business, Paisley and Paper, that has been in Greenville for quite a while. I also was able to chat it up with a new acquaintance who just bought the Bella Bridesmaid in Greenville and her family was helping her set up for the grand opening tonight! What a fun town we live in--- always something going on. Today was inspiring and I even finished a painting that I titled "Tin soldier llama" because his colors remind me of the little soldiers my brother used to meticulously line up to battle our california raisin toys. Here are some pics from my day of live painting and art pop-up!  

pop up shop

all set up for the day

paisley and paper is a local store with stationary, invitations, gifts, paper, you name it!  

llama startup

getting started

it all starts with cadmium red