Bug Release

People ask me all the time, Why do you paint llamas, bugs, camels....etc?  The truth is that the subjects I decide to paint make me happy! I have created a line of "minibugs" before that were maybe 6x6 squares, but I really enjoyed creating these 8 paintings that were a little bigger (10x10). I have more surface area to work with, and I'm able to add just a little more detail and color. I also really like using wood panels to paint on instead of canvas. My papers adhere better to the wood panel, but also I love being able to let a painting stand on its own. Paintings DO NOT have to hang on the walls!! You can stand a wood panel on a side table, bar cart, bookshelf, mantel, entry table... you name it. When I do a series like this, I try and make all of the bugs compliment each other, so that someone may choose to display 2 or 3 together! So go check out the paint shop and pick up a bug for yourself or a friend... and stay tuned (join my mailing list!) for new projects, shows, and paintings.