Up-cycle, upgrade, refinish... whatever you want to call it

My mom was the queen of reinventing what you already have. When I was little, I remember my mom painted all of the girly while furniture in my room with a black lacquer. She would pull up a carpet and paint old hardwoods to look like a rug or pattern, or she would let us paint our bookshelves or wooden desk chairs crazy colors and patterns. I actually still have my painted desk chair and now its the "kid chair" for my son at our dining room table.


Chair with Flair...


almost 30 years later and i still remember painting this with my mom 

As soon as I had my own place, I started grabbing old dressers from Salvation army or Habitat for Humanity Restore (or off the side of the road) and building my own eclectic set of furniture. All of these pieces needed a little TLC and fresh coat of paint. Some have been painted more than once to match my always changing home decor (My husband claims that every time he walks in the door, something has changed) With the introduction of Chalk style paint, repainting furniture is now even easier. I've used Annie Sloane, the Joanna Gaines brand, and other brands and I don't prefer any over another--- i think it all works really well to cover with just a few coats. The prep work is minimal (usually no priming). What most people don't realize is that "CHALK paint" doesn't have to mean shabby-chic or distressed look. You can paint a high gloss lacquer over it, you can paint designs, or you can do a colored wax to add a lot of depth and bring the grain back out. SOOO many options and colors. Here are a few pieces just from my home... I've done a few for clients over the years, as well!