bugs are cool

Hanging from the ears and adorning the deeply tanned décolletages of South Carolina's most fashionable women, you will find... wait for it... BUGS! 

Croghan's Jewelers in Charleston, SC has made a buggy statement in a big way these last few years with their Goldbug collection. Spotted from Charleston to Greenville, are fashionistas sporting the fantastically detailed Gold goldbugs.  A brilliant homage to one of our state's most polarizing inhabitants. chroghansjewelbox.com

I mean... 


Since seeing these beauties around town, I have started spotting bugs everywhere. Papersource, where I find so many of my fabulous papers for my art, has a whole line of bug journals, prints, notepads, you name it! www.papersource.com 




not just for boys

So I came up with these little miniature beetle paintings I'm calling "minibugs"... and I think they would be just so tricky to dress a bar cart, tucked onto a bookshelf, or mixed in among picture frames on an entry table. These bugs are really textured using mixed media-  papers from paper source,   wood panels from Suburban paint (greenville, SC), my favorite Martha Stewart gold gilding, and acrylic paint. Add a little trend to your home before the holidays!