Up-cycle, upgrade, refinish... whatever you want to call it

As soon as I had my own place, I started grabbing old dressers from Salvation army or Habitat for Humanity Restore (or off the side of the road) and building my own eclectic set of furniture. All of these pieces needed a little TLC and fresh coat of paint. Some have been painted more than once to match my always changing home decor (My husband claims that every time he walks in the door, something has changed)

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A Bicycle Built for 4- wall murals

Things to think about if you are considering a wall mural vs. wallpaper

1- Are you a perfectionist: If you want a geometric or perfect pattern- go with wallpaper hands down! The cool thing about hand painting is the imperfections and whimsy. A painting is not a photograph... so think about hand painted walls as a painting and wallpaper is the retouched photograph (everyone has their own style and you might be more of a wallpaper type of person!--- if so.. call my buddy Dixie at SALEEBYJEAN Interiors). 

2- Consider the space: Are you working in a small space that may have mirrors/ door cutouts/ vent cutouts etc. If so, you may be wasting tons of wallpaper by having to buy a certain amount to make a pattern match up, only to have feet and feet cut away and discarded. 

3. Time to "define the relationship":  It may seem like a big commitment, but light sanding a repainting a wall after 10 years is really a lot easier that removing/replacing wallpaper. If you are the type of person who rearranges the furniture once a month... think about this. 

4. Respect the process: You can't really consider Hand painting as a cheaper option-- it takes a loooong time to prep, hand paint, get up and down that ladder, etc. Props to Michelangelo for that Sistine Chapel ceiling... because my arm gets achy after about an hour of painting up on a ladder. I charge 100 an hour for murals and most are going to take 5-6 hours minimum for a small small bath.