All other commissions… homes, landscapes, you name it


A gift from sister to brother…

This commission was given as a wedding gift, from sister to brother, and is an impression of the new couple’s view from their window while honeymooning in Paris, France.


how it works…

If you have an idea for a painting, whether its a landscape, reminder of a trip, home, little white chapel, or an abstract to match your new nursery… Marian has you covered. Commissions are always open and your ideas help spark creativity and are always enjoyed.

Pricing is based on sizing- for acrylic on canvas, an idea of pricing is as follows but may be subject to change based on subject matter:

Small Paintings 8x10, 11x14: $285
Medium Paintings 16x20, 20x20, 18x24, 24x24: $325
Large Paintings 24x36 and larger: $375 and up